Inflatable Infant Crib Wedge Designed for "One of those Nights."

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1. Before you begin... Step One Crib Cloud was designed to be placed UNDER your infant's crib mattress. This product should never come in direct contact with your infant. For best placement, inflate device prior to placing under the infant mattress so you are familiar with the dimensions within your crib. Hand pump bulb should be placed between crib bars so the operator can easily assess/operate device. Please see additional warnings and instructions prior to use.
2. Simple Operation Step Two Crib Cloud was designed for ease and convenience! The design allows you to inflate to the desired height safely and QUIETLY (and with only ONE hand!) to achieve the best sleep position for your baby.

Crib Cloud is perfect for independent use, single caregivers & caregivers with disabilities.
3. Easy-Peasy! Step Three Crib Cloud takes the guess work out of incline height safety without compromising the integrity of your infant mattress. Crib Cloud is durable, non-slip, easy to wipe clean AND easy to install!!

When Crib Cloud isn't in use, simply deflate it and leave it (in place) under the mattress until you need it the next time.
4. Just Like that! Step Four Crib Cloud is an easy to use product that can remain under the crib mattress (DEFLATED) while not in use--ready for when you do! To deflate, simply hold the deflation button down until you have release all of the air.

For even MORE convenience: Crib Cloud requires NO batteries or plugs!
5. Ready to get back to SLEEP? Step Five Crib Cloud recognizes the safety measures put in place by US Law makers and strives to comply with industry standards. Our product provides a safe incline to support the relief of symptoms associated with common colds, sinus congestion, allergies, upset tummies, acid reflux (GERD) while practicing safe sleep guidelines for your infant.

REMEMBER: Bare is BEST: Nothing should be in your infants crib when they sleep. Keep crib bumpers, loose bedding, toys and other soft objects out of your baby's crib.
Purchase for yourself or give as a GIFT! Step Six Give yourself the gift of sleep--or better yet, give a loved one the gift of SLEEP!

Crib Cloud makes the perfect gift for new parents and caregivers alike. With our UNIQUE design and tasteful packaging this gift will be the talk of the party!!