Inflatable Infant Crib Wedge Designed for "One of those Nights."

Our story is YOUR story....

Crib Cloud was born from a string of sleepless nights when our little one battled a common cold (and later, allergies!!). Following the advise in the parenting books (placing an infant wedge pillow between the sheet and mattress, or rolling a towel to place under the crib mattress) was confusing, inconvenient and unrealistic in the midnight hour - after all, I was holding a (FINALLY!!) sleeping baby!

Rolling towels meant a trip to the linen closet, making a precise roll (not too large, but not too small), and lifting the entire mattress to place the towel under it--all of this would likely disturb EVERYONE in the house--especially my sleeping baby!!

While repeatedly rocking my baby in the middle of the night, there was nothing but time to imagine this design and how it could help other families achieve a good night's sleep! It was in those restless nights of little sleep that Crib Cloud was born!

Our Story One
Designed by parents, for parents!
Safe, gentle incline to reduce nasal congestion Our Story Two

We offer a solution that is not only easy and convenient-but it takes the guess work out of "how high is too high."
Crib Cloud is the perfect accessory to your baby's nursery.

Rolling a towel is NOT SAFE! Our Story Three

Following suggestions and advice from parenting books, friends, relatives (and even well meaning strangers) can put your infant in harms way.


“This is such a great baby item and would make the perfect baby shower gift. It’s something you never knew you needed until you have it and then you can’t live without it. It’s super easy to use, and makes such a difference.” -Nikki
“When I first received the Crib Cloud, I knew the concept was great, however, great does not even begin to describe what it is like to experience it. When my baby was sick for the first time after we got the Crib Cloud, he slept through the night despite his congestion. Throughout his sickness, he slept poorly at daycare, and slept great at home with the Crib Cloud. I bought two more Crib Cloud to give as gifts for my expecting friends! Everyone who values their sleep and the comfort of their child, should get a Crib Cloud for their baby” -Jennifer