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Crib-Cloud Ventures Inc. (Crib-Cloud) is subject to the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia. Crib-Cloud is committed to protecting the privacy of both our customers and our employees. It is Crib-Cloud's goal to not only meet the requirements of this legislation, but to exceed the requirements by implementing “best practices” with respect to the collection, use, disclosure and security of the personal information in our custody and control.
Crib-Cloud also requires our third-party service providers to demonstrate full compliance with our privacy obligations, principles and processes outlined in this policy.
Crib-Cloud only collects personal information as supplied by our customers in order to process payments and fulfill orders for Crib-Cloud, and/or to continue to communicate with our customers directly or via our online newsletter. Only that information which relates directly to, and is necessary for, these purposes is collected. We do not collect personal information unlawfully or unfairly.
In most circumstances, we only collect personal information directly from the relevant individual. Indirect collection occurs only in very limited and specific circumstances, or as required by law.
Crib-Cloud does not sell, share or disclose your information to others for any type of mailing list. Crib-Cloud will not use or disclose your information for any other purposes unless directed to do so by you, or as required by law. Apps that we have installed from the Shopify App Store and Amazon can access different types of PII when they use information about your store, customers, orders, or other business data.
There are four types of PII that an app can access:

Please be aware that certain applications that are downloaded to our site will be able to access data such as customer names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocations, IP addresses, and browser user agents. These are only used to provide value to Crib-Cloud.
Our website automatically collects and stores the following information from visitors to the website: the internet protocol address and domain name used. The internet protocol address is a numeric identifier assigned to either the individual’s internet service provider or directly to the individual’s computer. This address can be transmitted to determine the domain of the individual’s service provider;

Information collected automatically will be used only for the purposes of administering the website, for purposes of assessing system performance, improving services, remarketing our products and services on various platforms, and website management. Crib-Cloud will not use this data to determine the visitor’s identity unless required to do so by law.

Links to Other Websites
Crib-Cloud’s website may include links to websites operated by other organizations, and private businesses. These links are not intended to be referrals and are posted only for convenience. Crib-Cloud has no responsibility for, liability, or control over these links or websites. Please refer to each site’s privacy policies and terms and conditions of use.
Crib-Cloud administers the highest security standards to ensure that the personal information that is in our custody and/or control is secured at all times. Security measures include: secure facilities; locked filing cabinets; limited user access; use of passwords; firewalls, encryption software, and payment protection provided by Shopify, Amazon and Paypal.

Questions Regarding Privacy:
If you have any questions regarding privacy protection at Crib-Cloud Ventures Inc., please contact Crib-Cloud at